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Our Commitment To You


At Shortcake Bakery we have a commitment to a safe and healthy environment. Over the last few weeks, we have been sanitizing the bakery hourly in addition to other new protective measures for your safety and the safety of our staff. These, and any other decisions and choices in the coming months, our made with the best interest of customers and staff in mind.

With that in mind, we are asking that customers plan to place and pay for their orders a day in advance. When taking your order, we will confirm a pick-up window for you to get your the following day. Upon pick-up, for your safety and the safety of our staff, we will only allow two customers in the store at any given time.


Order Process 

  • Email by 12:00 PM the day before you would like your order to place your order, and confirm a two-hour pick-up window.

    • We will be in touch with you to confirm the details of your order so please also plan to include a phone number when you place your order. 

  • Pick-up windows will be during our current hours of operation, which are: 

    • Thursdays and Fridays: 3:00 - 6:00 PM ​

    • Fridays and Saturdays: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

  • We will take payment over the phone by credit card when we call to confirm your order. 


Again, please place your order by 12:00 PM the day before for pick up.


We appreciate your flexibility during this time, and we look forward to providing you something sweet to look forward to soon! 



COOKIES - 3 four-ounce cookies at $6.75/ bag

  •   Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Molasses Ginger, Shortbread (6 cookies)


PIES: 6- and 9-inch pies at $9.75 and $24.99, respectively

  • Apple, Blueberry, Cherry


CUPCAKES: $3.25, each a minimum of 6 per order

  • Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Shortcake, Boston Cream, Lemon Curd


BROWNIES: 3x3 inch at $3.50

  • With and without nuts 


QUICHE: 6-and-9 inch at $7 and $21, respectively

  • Lorraine and Spinach & Feta 

PATTIES: $3.75 each minimum of 3

  •   Jamaican Beef Patties, Curry Chicken and Mixed Vegetable. 


Weekly there will be an additional Savory item such as Beef Chili, Chicken Potpie. Order by Tuesday at 5 pm for pick up on Thursday afternoon.


Pick up your order: Thursday-Friday 3 – 6 pm and Saturday 8 - 12:00 pm. Order at Please order place your order at least 24 hours in advance. 











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